The one thing holding you back.

Look at you. Leading your league in tackles, maybe you are a County Champion in Shot Put or perhaps you are just struggling to make your Junior Varsity Basketball team. No matter the accolades you have accumulated, there is something that you most likely leave out of your workouts.


The big guy running there? He just went #1 Overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. Jadaveon Clowney who is 6’6 and weighs in at a whopping 266 pounds ran a 40 yard dash in 4.53 seconds at the NFL combine. ¬†That mixture of both size and speed allows him to absolutely demolish his opponents.

Have you seen what he has that you don’t have? Other than an NFL Contract, natural height and a crazy good build? I will bring up another athlete and try to see where I am going at.

Jacko Gill the athlete shown currently holds all but the Senior age World Shot Put Records. When you think of world-class shot putters you think of these herculean monsters, not of a lean, quick kid. But that thinking is exactly what is holding you back.

Both Gill and Clowney are very fast. But speed alone isn’t everything. In the local High School football league one of the school’s running back was third in the nation. However he can’t break a tackle. He is fast on the outside, but once a man grabs him the kid is done. That is where the second aspect comes in. Gill and Clowney are strong, but not overly so. Hilariously Clowney got out-benched by a punter at the combine. But he was still able to bench the 225-pound bar an astounding 21 times. That might not be at a top-tier-level. But it is all he needs.

Strength is what is built for in most gyms by most aspiring athletes. That is great, but doing the same as everyone else will not push you over the edge. It will not make you the king of the field. Just doing squats will not get you on the Stanford Football Team or on the National Volleyball Team. But neither will just doing sprints. You can run a 40-yard dash over and over again. Sure you will get a little faster, but you won’t be able to use it effectively in game.

I am a trainer. I have trained with athletes that have reached National teams in Football, Baseball, Badminton, Track and Field, Basketball and the list goes on. How am I able to do this? I will be telling you all of this in future posts. I  will be going over workouts, the equipment you need to succeed, nutrition, the works. I will bring you to that next level. You will become the athlete you always wanted to be.

Follow this blog then share it with your teammates and you will win championships.

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